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Recessed Door/Window Sensor

This hidden device allows you to receive mobile alerts & sounds a chime from the gateway when your doors or windows are opened and closed.

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Recessed Door/Window Sensor Recessed Door/Window Sensor
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What’s the Difference?

Our most traditional sensor allowing for versatile placement on almost any application. The base and magnet adhere to door/window and frame side-by-side and allow for a gap between the two of up to 0.75“. If your door or window is slightly inset from the frame you can layer the included adhesive strips to ensure they match up.

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Adheres face-to-face and is best deployed on sliding doors and casement windows. It’s ultra-low profile design allows you to neatly conceal it so it is only visible when your door or window is open. It can also be used on traditional doors with a gap between the door and frame of at least 0.30“.

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The Recessed Door/Window Sensor requires tools to install, but it’s the lowest profile out of all of our door/window sensors. Even when your door or window is open, you’ll barely notice a sensor there. This can also be perfect for doors or windows with unusual door/frame shape or alignment because it’s installed inside the door frame.

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  • Requires a drill for installation
  • Battery life of up to 10 years (replaceable)
  • Completely hidden within your door for inobtrusive protection
  • Completely wireless with a range of a few hundred feet
  • Easily pair to your gateway

Hidden Installation

Our Recessed Door/Window sensor is installed inside your door or window for concealed protection of the most common entry points for break-ins.

    Always Know The Status Of Your Doors & Windows

    • Set up your system so you receive mobile alerts any time a door is opened & closed
    • Name each device so you know exactly which door was opened
    • View your open & close history right on your timeline within our app
    • Use door openings & closings as triggers for smart home automations
    • Pair with Alexa to have her call out which door or window was opened
    • Set your Sonos speakers to play a unique sound for each door
    • Check the open/close status of your door right from the app

    Tech Spec

    Base                                                                                                                Magnet

    Height: 2.72″                                                                                               Height: 0.87″

    Width: 0.75″                                                                                                 Width: 0.47″

    Depth: 1.53″

    Communication Protocol: abodeRF/433Mhz

    Battery: 1 CR2 lithium battery (included)

    Operating Temperature: 14° to 113° F

    Operating Humidity: Up to 85% non-condensing

    Gap: allows for a gap of up to 0.50″

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