Compare Kit - abode

Which gateway is right for me?

Having trouble deciding between our traditional gateway and iota? No problem, we have you covered! Press play to learn the differences and see which one is right for you.


Take a look at the list of features below to help determine which gateway better suits your needs.
Smart Home Hub
The ability to communicate with and control your abode and compatible smart home devices.
Built-in Motion Detector
iota features a built-in motion sensor while the gateway connects to separate abode motion sensors
Wi-Fi enabled
Wi-Fi allows you to place the device anywhere you see fit.
Compatible with Z-Wave and Zigbee devices
Control your smart home devices with powerful integrations.
Built-in Streaming Camera
1080p camera captures video when alarms are triggered or whenever you request.
Compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Home Assistant
Control your smart home devices all with your voice.
  • Wi-Fi connection
  • Two-way voice enabled
  • Flexible placement
  • Built-in camera
  • Built-in motion sensor
iota is our most powerful gateway and is an all-in-one security device. It includes an HD streaming camera that will automatically record in the event of an alarm. iota also supports CUE, abode’s home automation solution.
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  • Easy to hide
  • Ethernet connection
  • Simple to use
The abode gateway, included in the Smart Security Kit, has many of the same professional-grade features via connections as opposed to having them built-in like iota. It is a central hub that connects to add-on devices to protect your home. It also supports CUE, abode’s home automation solution.
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