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Abode Cam 2


This Wi-Fi-connected security camera can be used indoors or outdoors and features full-color video around the clock. Use it as part of a complete security system or on its own as a video-only solution.

Works with Alexa Works with Hey Google

This Item Includes:

  • Abode Cam 2
  • 6ft Power Cable
  • Optional Mounting Hardware
  • Adhesive Mounting Strip

Please note:

  • This camera is not compatible with HomeKit, but can be added as a widget to your iOS home screen.
  • For Outdoor use please purchase a Outdoor power adapter.

HD, Full-Color Video Around the Clock Accessible Anytime

interpreter_mode Two-Way Voice Enabled Communicate back & forth in realtime from the Abode app
weather_mix Safe for Outdoor Use IP65 Rated weatherproof housing
wifi WiFi Connected Strong range allows you to place far from your router
movie 24/7 Recorded Video View uninterrupted video from the past 10 days*
partly_cloudy_night Full-Color Night Vision Adjusts to ambient light levels for full-color video 24/7
neurology Smart Detection Get specific alerts for people, packages, and pets*

Create the Perfect
Surveillance System

Use as many cameras as you’d like for complete video coverage.

camera_outdoor Place your cameras anywhere inside or outdoors
theaters Get realtime alerts and capture clips when motion is detected
grid_view View all cameras from your dashboard in the Abode App

Reduce Unnecessary Notifications

Abode Cam 2 can tell you when someone is approaching, a package is delivered to your door, or your pet crosses your camera.

Smart Detect is a paid feature

deployed_code_account Intelligently detects people, packages, and pets to reduce unnecessary motion notifications
vibration Get an alert specific to what was detected to determine if it requires your immediate attention
familiar_face_and_zone Set an activity zone to restrict the area that your camera looks for motion

Crisp, HD Video Around the Clock

Abode Cam 2 uses ambient light to illuminate low-light conditions in full color. In extremely low light conditions, the camera will display crisp black-and-white video for easy, squint-free viewing.


Flexible Mounting Options

With the attached flexible mounting stand, you can mount the Abode Cam 2 (almost) anywhere. Stand it upright on its own or wall mount it with included drywall anchor and screw or non-damaging adhesive. The mounting arm and camera both rotate so you can get the perfect field-of-view once you’ve confirmed your mounting location.

iPhone 11 Video Container Video Poster
Add-on Feature

24/7 Video Recording

Quickly review any moment in time on your video timeline which keeps a history of events detected by cameras and other connected sensors. Easily download clips to your device for sharing with neighbors or law enforcement.

Available as an add-on within Abode app on iOS and Android

Set your camera to automatically capture a clip every time it detects a person or motion so you’ll be able to review the day’s important events at a glance.

Available as an add-on within Abode app on iOS and Android

View and download clips from a continuous video stream from the past 10 days, leaving you plenty of time to check on footage from important (or funny) events and save the clips to your files.

Available as an add-on within Abode app on iOS and Android


Works With Your Favorite Ecosystem

Works with Amazon Alexa and Google Home to view live video on your screen-enabled devices like the Echo Show and Google Nest Hub. It’s also iOS-friendly and can be added as a widget to your iOS home screen.

Purchase With Confidence

calendar_month 30 Day Returns if You Don't Love it
shield 1-Year Standard Warranty on Devices
support_agent Helpful Support Team Available 24/7

Abode Cam 2

Size & Weight
  • Dimensions 1.97x1.97x1.97″(50.04 x 50.04 x 50.04 mm)
  • Weight 6.6 oz (187.11 grams)
  • Field of view 121° horizontal
  • Video resolution 1080p full HD at 20fps
  • Video compression MP4
  • Low-light illumination Full-color infrared night vision with Starlight technology
  • Motion detection Pixel-based
  • Image file types JPEG
  • Connectivity 2.4Ghz WiFi
  • Operating Temperature 14°F to 113°F
  • 5V 1A DC USB (wall adapter included)
  • Included Power Cable Length: 6 feet (1.8 meters)

Professional Reviews

Customer Reviews


Based on 10 reviews of the Abode Cam 2

  1. YY
    31 January 2023
    Heh - I long had my suspicions regarding who it was that kept "taking out' my mailbox. Some insisted it had to be kids. But NO! My camera caught a beautiful clip of a *school bus* taking out my mailbox!! (And going waay too fast.) I sent the clip to the School Board. Next...   Read more
  2. JC
    Jess Clark
    22 January 2023
    This camera has been a lifesaver, we have finally managed to figure out the missing cake phenomenon afflicting our family. The culprit? My husband! He has been caught red-handed on multiple occasions sneaking food from the fridge after midnight and denying it the next day...   Read more
  3. MM
    30 November 2022
    Very good cameras that require little upkeep. The firmware updates have really impressed with new features and improved audio quality.
  4. ET
    Ehab Taha
    23 September 2022
    Great little camera, works with the alarm system, clear picture and sound and a very reasonable price. I really love my Abode system.
  5. KN
    Kenneth Naff
    16 August 2022
    I started with just 1 Abode Cam 2, then a couple more, and quickly increase it to 9 due to the great experience I had with just the first few. I have compared the 2 Abode Cam 2's to the Arlo 3 2K I have installed to cover the front of my home and I have found the Person...   Read more
  6. TS
    Thomas S
    2 July 2022
    I have become increasingly appreciative of the Abode service and after 6 months, I am more convinced than ever that I’ve made the right choice. I’ll start with the integrations. They are second to none! After a few chats and two calls, the rep was able to upgrade my...   Read more
  7. SS
    Steve Sande
    4 June 2022
    It's hard to believe how good this inexpensive cam is! Over the years I have used most of the major brands. For the price, I didn't expect much from the Abode Cam 2, but I was amazed at how easily it integrated with the rest of my Abode system and just how clear the images...   Read more
  8. II
    31 May 2022
    Easy to install, makes amazing videos
  9. RG
    Robert Griffith
    3 February 2022
    Incredible value for a highly effective camera! I’m a huge fan of this camera, simple, small but highly effective at detecting people who come to the door. Setup was very easy, I was shocked when it came in its small and sleek packaging but once you get it on it really...   Read more
  10. AB
    Alex Brown
    3 February 2022
    I got this camera to provide a bit of extra security. There have been some middle-of-the-night ding-dong ditches in my neighborhood this summer and I wanted to be prepared. We haven't had any security issues, but it ended up being really handy for keeping an eye on my elderly...   Read more
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