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Home Security.

Apple HomeKit Ready.

Apple HomeKit + abode

A Perfect Match.

Control your home with abode’s gateway using the Apple Home app and Siri. It’s the same home security you’ve always enjoyed with abode, now available in the same place you control the rest of your smart devices: from your iPhone, iPad, Mac Apple Watch or HomePod. It’s time to enjoy abode peace of mind with Apple ease.

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Works with Apple HomeKit
Apple + Abode Apple + Abode

Build Your HomeKit Compatible System

One Tap Control

Oversee all your security devices.

Thanks to abode’s compatibility with HomeKit, all of your home security alerts can be viewed in a single snapshot. See when alarms sound and motion sensors are triggered, or check your camera’s live feed. Organize and view your devices by room, set up automations with other devices, and control them all from the same screen.

Oversee all your security devices

Combine Tasks

One-Tap Control for All
HomeKit Accessories.

Control more with less effort. Group all of your HomeKit-enabled devices together and control them at the same time to make your life easier. For instance, create an automation to disarm your iota alarm, unlock your doors, and turn your lights on when your garage door opens. Smart devices should be smart enough to work together, no matter the brand. Now, they are.

Start Your Day

Start Your Day

Your devices should be on your schedule. Set your motion sensors, alarms, lights, and more to operate when you need them. Control it all from your iPhone anytime, anywhere.

Home or Away

Home or Away

Pre-set your devices to detect whether you’re home or away. No need to push any buttons, just use our CUE automations and your smart home will always know which mode to be in.

Arm and Disarm

Arm and Disarm

Lock and unlock your doors, set your alarms, and control your motion sensors all from the palm of your hand. You don’t have to be home to control your home. You can do that from anywhere.

Sleep Soundly

Sleep Soundly

Set your home to sleep mode when your head hits the pillow. Dim the lights, set your security devices, and more in a matter of seconds. Or, set a timer to trigger sleep mode when the sun goes down

Voice Controls

“Hey Siri, I’m home”


With the addition of Apple Home comes the addition of Siri to control your abode devices. Tell Siri when you’re home, when you’re leaving, or when you need to arm or disarm your system. Voice control with Siri makes your abode devices handsfree and easier to use than ever before.



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Get up and running with one of our starter bundles.

Getting started with abode is easy. Purchase one of our starter bundles and we’ll ship you everything you need. All you have to do is plug in your gateway and stick a few sensors on your doors and windows. Zero tools or technical expertise required.

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Homekit Devices
$329 $291.99
Iota All-In-One Kit Thumb

Iota All-In-One Kit

iota All-In-One Gateway With 1 Mini Door/Window Sensor and 1 Key Fob

Tech Specs

$249 $231.99
Smart Security Kit Thumb

Smart Security Kit

Gen 2 Gateway With 1 Mini Door/Window Sensor, 1 Key Fob, 1 Motion Sensor, and 1 Sticker

Tech Specs

$38 $27.99
Mini Door/Window Sensor Thumb

Mini Door/Window Sensor

low-profile wireless sensor with up to 4 years of battery life

Tech Specs

Size and Weight

2.9 in (53 mm) H; 1.1 in (28 mm) W

  • Height: 2.9 inches
  • Width: 1.1 inches
  • Depth: 0.4 inches
  • Weight: 15 g
  • Height: 1.0 inches
  • Width: 0.7 inches
  • Depth: 0.3 inches
  • Weight: 7 g
  • Frequency: 868MHz / 433MHz
  • Frequency: 868MHz/433MHz.
  • Power Source: 3V, CR2450 Lithium Battery x1.
  • Battery Life: 3.7 years*.
  • Operating Temperature: -10°C to 45°C (14°F to 113°F).
  • Operating Humidity:: Up to 85% non-condensing.
*Note: Actual battery life may vary due to device settings, operating environment and usage activity.
$42 $32.99
Recessed Door/Window Sensor Thumb

Recessed Door/Window Sensor

installs inside the door or window for hidden protection

Tech Specs

Size and Weight

2.72 in (69mm) H; 1.53 in (39mm) L; 0.75 in (19mm) W

  • Recessed Door Sensor
  • Diameter: 0.75 inches
  • Height: 2.75 inches
  • Length: 1.53 inches
  • Magnet
  • Height: 0.87 inches
  • Length: 0.47 inches
  • Battery: (1) 3V, CR2 Lithium battery

Battery: (1) 3V, CR2 Lithium battery
Operating Life: 10 years under normal operation


Operating Conditions
Temperature: 14°F to 113°F
Humidity: Up to 85% non-condensing


Frequency: abodeRF (433Mhz in North America)

$42 $32.99
Slim Strip Door/Window Sensor Thumb

Slim Strip Door/Window Sensor

fits between the gap of door or window and its frame

Tech Specs

Size and Weight

Height: 9 3/8″ (68mm) | Width: 3/4″ | Depth: 3/16″

Sensor Specifications

Battery life: 8 Years, Lithium-ion (not replaceable)

$55 $43.99
Motion Sensor Thumb

Motion Sensor

uses body heat to detect motion

Tech Specs

Size and weight

3.51 inches (76,2 mm) H; 2.64 inches (52,832 mm) W

  • Height: 3.51 inches
  • Width: 2.64 inches
  • Depth: 2.09 inches
  • Detection Method: PIR, Embedded microprocessor controlled with advanced ADSP
  • Detection Method: PIR, Embedded microprocessor controlled with advanced ADSP algorithms to minimize false alarms
  • Supervision: Randomized supervision signals to ensure proper function
  • LED Indicator: LED to alert to faults and motion detection during testing
  • Exterior Case: Durable, white case to prevent insects and dust from entering interior of sensor
  • Battery Life: Up to 5.5 years in normal operating conditions (temperature, distance from gateway, custom settings, and duration of system arm away mode can shorten or lengthen battery life)
  • Communication: abodeRF (433 MHz) to abode Gateway or iota
  • Communication: abodeRF (433mhz) to abode Gateway or iota
  • Package Contents: (1) Motion Sensor, (2) Pre-Inserted 1.5V AA Alkaline Batteries (with pull tab to activate)
  • Operating Humidity: Up to 85% non-condensing
  • Operating Temperature: 14°F to 113°F
  • Operating Humidity: Up to 85% non-condensing.
$60 $45.99
Multi Sensor Thumb

Multi Sensor

120° of body-heat sensing motion detection with light, temperature, and humidity detection

Tech Specs

Size and Weight

2.2 in (55 mm) H; 2.0 in (50 mm) D

  • Height: 2.2 inches
  • Diameter: 2.0 inches
  • Communication Protocol: abodeRF
  • Power Source: 3V, CR123A Lithium battery x 1.
  • Battery Life: 4 years*.
  • Time Delay/Adjustable Timeout: 30sec, 1, 2, 5, 10, 20, 30 mins, 1hr.
  • Sensitivity Levels: 5 selectable sensitivity levels.
  • Operating Temperature: -10°C to 45°C (14°F to 113°F).
  • Operating Humidity: Up to 85% non-condensing.
*Note: Actual battery life may vary due to device settings, operating environment and usage activity.
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