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Why abode? Compare and find out.

No two families are the same and your needs change over time. Simply choose the plan that you need today, and have the flexibility to change it tomorrow.

Starter System Price
No Long Term Contracts
Cellular Backup
Remote Notifications
Monthly Fee Required
Home Automation
Pro Monitoring (Monthly)
Short Term Monitoring
Crash & Smash Protection
Auto Home / Away
Reminder only
Comprehensive Device Mode Configuration
Glass Break Protection
Flood & Freeze Sensors
Garage Door Compatibility
Lock Compatibility
Only August Lock
Smart Home Integrations
Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, Nest, +100 others
Google Assistant
“Coming Soon”
Nest (Thermostat only), August, Amazon Alexa

DIY Smart Home Device Comparison

Are you ready to add a layer of intelligence to your home, but don't know where to start?

Which system is easiest to set up? What kind of backup do you need? Which systems integrate with your other smart devices? How much is this all going to cost you? There are a lot of questions to ask. Here's a breakdown of how abode stacks up against our closest competitors.


Home security should not lack professional-grade quality. Scores in this category based on:
  • Availability of cellular and battery backup
  • Secured devices
  • Encrypted and long range data
  • Coverage of all security
  • Environmental device support

Smart Home & Automation

Smart security systems should include products that can talk to other smart devices, right? Scores in this category are based on:
  • Smart home integration
  • Home automation capabilities (including IFTTT)
  • Control in the cloud vs right in the home which impacts how quickly your devices respond to commands

Service Plans & Value

Security shouldn't cost an arm and a leg. Scores in this category based on:
  • Affordability
  • Availability of free plans
  • Options for short term/on-demand plans.


Home security systems should be tailored to fit your needs. Scores in this category based on:
  • Ease and ability to change settings
  • Increase/decrease entry/exit timers
  • By-pass devices
  • Adjust notifications
  • Receive email and SMS alerts.