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Smart Home. Secure abode.

You will need a Security Kit to get started. Choose the kit based on your needs and add on additional devices to completely customize abode to your home. Select Affirm as your payment method at checkout to make abode even more affordable.

All In One System

iota All-In-One Security Kit

Home security, automation, and HD streaming camera in an all-in-one device plus one Mini Door/Window Sensor and Key Fob.

  • $599 $379
    + 1 year of Secure Plan
  • $479 $329
    + 1 Year of Connect Plan
  • $359 $299
    + Basic Plan

By bundling your starter kit with a plan, you'll receive a discount on your hardware purchase. Learn more about our plans

Highest Rated DIY system

Gen 2 Smart Security Kit with 4G & Z-Wave Plus

Includes 1 Gateway, 1 Mini Door/Window Sensor, 1 Motion Sensor, 1 Key Fob, and 1 Secured by abode sticker.

  • $519 $359
    + 1 Year of
    Secure Plan
  • $399 $299
    + 1 Year of
    Connect Plan
  • $279
    + Basic Plan

By bundling a plan with your smart security kit, your kit will be discounted. Learn more about our plans

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Gen 2 Gateway

Purchase only if you already own an existing Essentials Starter Kit.

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Door and Window Protection

Our versatile door and window sensors allow you to protect every type of door and window in your home.

Best Seller
$30 $27

Door/Window Sensor

Our smallest sensor with easy installation.

One included in Smart Security Kit

$27 $25

Door / Window

Our longest battery life and range door & window sensor.
$40 $36

Door/Window Sensor

Installs in the door or window for a hidden installation.

Slim Strip
Door/Window Sensor (Ships 4/1)

Fits in the gap of a door or window frame. Limited qty available on Amazon.
$36 $30

Vibration Glass Break Sensor

Installs on glass and detects attempted glass breaks.
$59 $49

Acoustic Glass Break Sensor

Listens for the sound of glass breaking to cover an entire room.

Cameras and Motion Sensors

Our cameras allow you to see what caused an alarm to take quick action. Say goodbye to false alarms.

abode Cam

$149 $112

Our WiFi connected abode Cam will automatically record videos clips in the event of an alarm or and can be used with abode CUE.

Best Seller
$115 $99

Wide Angle Motion Camera

Wide Angle Motion Camera

Takes pictures during an alarm.

Your gateway may not be compatible with the newer version of this device. Learn more

$54 $40

Motion Sensor

Detects movement when you're not at home.


One included in Smart Security Kit

Security Accessories

We offer a ride range of additional accessories to fully protect your home.



Our wireless keypad can be installed anywhere to quickly arm and disarm.
$24 $20

Key Fob

Install on your key ring and arm/disarm with the tap of a button.
$49 $40

Water Leak Sensor

Catch costly water leaks before they become a big problem.
$54 $45

Smoke Alarm Monitor

Install next to UL-certified smoke detectors to make them smart.
$59 $49

Indoor Siren

Great for larger homes where you want to add additional siren coverage.
$74 $56

Outdoor Siren

The Outdoor Siren with flashing strobe light calls attention to an active alarm.
$36 $27

System Status Indicator

Know the system status before you enter your home.

Make Your Home a Smart Home

Add abode's smart home devices for use with CUE, abode's smart home automation platform.

Best Seller

Occupancy Sensor

$59 $44

Detects movement and lack of movement to turn on lights or other smart actions.

$49 $40

Home Automation Power Switch

Remotely turn on a lamp (or any device) or set it up to happen automatically.

$49 $39

Temperature & Humidity Sensor

Installs anywhere in your home to monitor temperature and humidity levels that you define.


Signs and Decals to Prevent Intruders

Let the neighborhood know you are protected with our Signs and Decals.


Yard Sign

Includes a solar-charged battery light.


Secured by abode Sticker (Forward Mount)

Place on glass doors or windows. Our forward mount sticker has the adhesive on the front.


Secured by abode Sticker (Rear mount)

Perfect for placement on windows, garage door frame, or near a door. The rear mount attaches to a surface.