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abode app version 5.0 now available as open beta

March 4th 2020

Check out the awesome new features and sign up for the beta here

HomeKit Compatibility For Smart Security Kit

February 10th 2020

Both iota and Smart Security Kit gateways are now HomeKit compatible. Learn more.

Sonos Integration Added

January 30th 2020

You can now pair your abode system with Sonos and use your Sonos speakers in automations within CUE. Learn More.

Keypad Quick Arm Toggle Functionality Added

January 22nd 2020

One-Touch Arming Update - You can now enable or disable the ability to one-touch arm your system from your keypad 2. You can find instruction on how to toggle this feature here.

Alexa Video Compatibility Release

January 15th 2020

You can now view live video from your abode cameras through screen-enabled Alexa devices like Alexa Show, Spot, Fire tablets, and Fire TVs - Learn More

iota & abode Cam Firmware Update

December 12th 2019

Addressed sound issues after using push to talk

Addressed issue of HomeKit not updating alarm status when arming outside of HomeKit

Addressed issue where HomeKit would show unresponsive when attempting to arm with a fault

Addressed issue where Wi-Fi Authentication would always fail

Cell signal improvements

Streaming Camera time to first frame reduced

New Product Integrations

December 10th 2019

Improved Integrations With Schlage Locks - abode is now compatible with all US Z-Wave and Z-Wave + models of Schlage locks

Bug Fixes & General Improvements

December 2nd 2019

Fixed issue where dimmer switch set to anything other than on or off was overridden within CUE Automation

Apple HomeKit Compatibility

November 21st 2019

HomeKit - iota is now compatible with HomeKit

Web App Update

November 14th 2019

Fan Switch icon fixed in Fault State & Email Notifications

iOS App Update - 4.3.1

November 6th 2019

Added Panic Button functionality - abode's Panic Button can now be added & managed through the mobile app

Added Fan Switch functionality - Control your compatible fan switches right from the abode app

Android App Update - 4.3.1

November 1st 2019

Added Panic Button functionality - abode's Panic Button can now be added & managed through the mobile app

Added Fan Switch functionality - Control your compatible fan switches right from the abode app

iOS & Android App Update - 4.2.9

October 24th 2019

Added quick actions to CUE automations - Triggers are now optional when making automations

Bug fixes & improvements

General Improvements

October 23rd 2019

Added quick actions to CUE automations on web app - Triggers are now optional

Added Australian Eastern Time as a timezone for our Australian users

Gen 2 Firmware Update (Version 6.7E)

August 28th 2019

Improvement to fault reporting on timeline

Support for new version of Status Indicator and Keypad2

Improved Keypad quick arm functionality

Squashed other Bugs and added new improvements

Gen 1 Firmware Update (Version

26th August 2019

Lots of new compatible devices - See them all

Improvement to fault reporting on timeline

Support for new version of Status Indicator and Keypad 2

Improved Keypad quick arm functionality

Bug fixes and improvements

Backend & WebApp

21st August 2019

Status Indicator - Improved device add process

General Maintenance - Bug Fixes and Performance Improvements

iOS & Android Update

8th August 2019

Widget Issue Fixed

Beta Firmware Functionality - We added a new section in settings which shows you the current version firmware version and allows you to initiate updates

Server Update

7th August 2019

Beta Firmware Support

IFTTT Change Mode Fixed - Addressed an issue where IFTTT integrations with an action of mode change were not running successfully

iOS, Android & WebApp Update - 4.2.4

31st July 2019

CUE Updates - Multiple improvements added to CUE automation engine

General Maintenance - Minor Fixes & Nest Performance Improvements

Server Update

30th JULY 2019

Multi-Language - Added backend support for upcoming multi-language release

Server Release

22nd JULY 2019

Google Assistant - Major upgrade to our Google Assistant integration.

iOS Release - 4.2.1

12th JULY 2019

Push to Talk - Fix push to talk issues affecting iOS users.

General Maintenance - Improved stability and minor bug fixes

Server Release

10th JULY 2019

Nest Integration - Performance Improvements for all Nest integrations

Canada 24/7 Monitoring - Released 24/7 Monitoring in Canada.

Server Release

3rd JULY 2019

Video Streaming - Improved video streaming for HLS streams

Web Interface - Fixed issue preventing Z-Wave refresh button from working properly

Ecobee thermostat - Fixed bug value wouldn't change when used as an action with RGB Dimmer

Android Release

3rd JULY 2019

Timeline Issue - 24 Hour issue fixed where events in timeline could appear out of order.

Push to Talk - Fixed issue where loading spinner would get stuck when the push to talk button was pressed.

General Maintenance - Improved stability and minor bug fixes

New Product Release

20th JUNE 2019

Keypad 2 - Our brand new wireless keypad (Ships in August)

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