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The Tech Revolution You’ve Been Waiting For is Here: How Integrated Apps Secure Our Homes

Abode January 30, 2019

Traditionally, home security has been known as a luxury. Wired systems are expensive and complex. Wireless technology, however, has made home security more approachable & affordable than ever.

At abode, we provide affordable plans and devices to keep your home safe, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. Our abode app and enhanced CUE automation engine allow you to monitor & control your home from anywhere in the world.

Getting started with abode costs as little as $279 with our smart security kit and free Basic monitoring plan. Best of all, access to our abode app is totally free.

With our connected security systems, alerts can be pushed directly to your smartphone when your home’s alarm is triggered. Within seconds, you’ll know if your home’s security is compromised, and you can take necessary action by calling the police or simply de-activating the alarm. abode’s security system connects to motion sensors, cameras, smoke alarm monitors, water leak sensors, and more to alert homeowners of any danger their home is facing. The use of modern technology within the abode system broadens the capabilities of now outdated home security systems that only covered home invasions.

Setting automations for your system further secures your home by prompting actions that occur automatically. For example, you can program the lights on the first floor of your home to turn on if motion is detected while your system is armed. Through your smartphone, the abode system can also use your location to trigger pre-set automations like turning on the lights when you return home from work.

Integrated apps share data across devices and with you, keeping you in the know by providing the information you care about right at your fingertips. If your abode system detects any anomalies within your home, you will be the first to know about with plenty of time to take action.

Secure your home for life today with abode.