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Smoke Alarm Monitor

Make any smoke detector in your home a smart, connected device.

Give your smoke detector a major upgrade.

Our Smoke Alarm Monitor is designed to monitor your existing UL smoke detectors and alert you when your smoke alarm goes off.

Long battery life of up to 6 years
Compatible with all UL Smoke Detectors
Easy installation with no tools required
Wireless and compatible with abode

The wireless compact design allows for convenient placement and for wall or ceiling mount within 6 inches of a UL smoke detector.

Your smoke detectors just got smarter.

What good is a smoke detector if you are not home when it activates? The abode Smoke Alarm Monitor solves this common problem by making every Smoke Alarm a Smart Smoke Alarm. It listens to UL-Listed smoke alarms and will automatically alert you in real time if the detector is activated.

  • Real Time Notifications

    Receive instant notifications to your iPhone or Android in the event your smoke detector activates.

  • Professionally Monitored

    For customers on abode's Secure Plan, our monitoring center can automatically take action to alert your local fire department when seconds count

How many Smoke Alarm Monitors do you need?

Home with Connected Smoke Detectors For homes that have powered, commonly connected smoke detectors, you only need one Smoke Alarm Monitor to cover your entire home.
Homes with Separate Smoke Detectors If your home has smoke detectors that are operated solely by batteries, you may need a Smoke Alarm Monitor for each smoke detector in your home.

Technical Specs

Size and Weight

3.0 in (76.2 mm) H; 3.0 in (76.2 mm) W
3.0 inches
3.0 inches
1.0 inches


Communication Protocol:
ZigBee Pro Home Automation 1.2.
Communication Protocol:
ZigBee Pro Home Automation 1.2.
Power Source:
3V, CR123A Lithium battery x 1.
Battery Life:
6 years*.
Operating Temperature:
-10°C to 45°C (14°F to 113°F).
Operating Humidity:
Up to 85% non-condensing.

*Note: Actual battery life may vary due to device settings, operating environment and usage activity.

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