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Motion Sensor

Our Motion Sensor detects movement when the system is armed in "Away" mode to alert you to any movement while you are gone. It's perfectly suited to be installed in large rooms with many windows, hallways, or entryways.

Smart and simple.

Here are some powerful features of abode’s
motion sensor:

Advanced intelligence designed to prevent false alarms
Built-in LED to test optimal placement and alert you to faults
Wide detection keeps you protected with 110° field of view and 35 feet of range
abodeRF allows for easy installation away from gateway and communication through walls
Long battery life of up to 5 years
Easy, no tools required installation on a flat wall or in a corner

Total Peace of Mind.

The motion sensor connects securely to the abode gateway and notifies you instantly if motion is detected when you aren't at home. Simply set your system to Away mode (manually or automatically using the abode auto-arm function) and your home will always be protected.

The motion sensor is perfect for rooms with a lot of windows or that have exterior doors. Install the motion sensor pointing at your entry points to continually watch for motion while your gone.

Protect Every Inch.

The Motion Sensor is a perfect way to affordably protect every inch of your apartment or home. The sensors install easily using included adhesive tape on a flat wall or in the corner of a room with an included corner mount.

  • Small, Sleek Design

    The small, sleek design allows you to install a motion sensor unobtrusively in any room

  • Install Anywhere

    The motion only capability works perfectly in bedrooms or personal living spaces to capture motion only

Where is the best place to install a motion sensor?

In or near your bedrooms that have windows or doors.
Any room with a large number of windows or doors that you would like to protect.
Perfect for sensitive living areas like upstairs in a home or in/near bathrooms with windows.

Technical Specs

Size and Weight

3.51 inches (76,2 mm) H; 2.64 inches (52,832 mm) W
3.51 inches
2.64 inches
2.09 inches


Detection Method:
PIR, Embedded microprocessor controlled with advanced ADSP
Detection Method:
PIR, Embedded microprocessor controlled with advanced ADSP algorithms to minimize false alarms
Randomized supervision signals to ensure proper function.
LED Indicator:
LED to alert to faults and motion detection during testing
Exterior Case:
Durable, white case to prevent insects and dust from entering interior of sensor
Battery Life:
Up to 5.5 years in normal operating conditions (temperature, distance from gateway, custom settings, and duration of system arm away mode can shorten or lengthen battery life)


abodeRF (433mhz) to abode Gateway or iota
abodeRF (433mhz) to abode Gateway or iota
Package Contents:
(1) Motion Sensor, (2) Pre-Inserted 1.5V AA Alkaline Batteries (with pull tab to activate)
Operating Humidity:
Up to 85% non-condensing
Operating Temperature:
14°F to 113°F
Operating Humidity:
Up to 85% non-condensing.
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