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3 Ways abode’s Home Monitoring Makes Your Life Easier

Abode March 13, 2019

A connected home monitoring system does more than keep your house safe from intruders – it can simplify your daily life! Small things that occupy your mind and distract you throughout the day are taken care of with smart home security solutions from abode. Plus, the iOS/Android mobile app allows you to check on your home, no matter where you are.

1. Know Who’s Home

A home monitoring system with cameras will take photos or record video footage in the event of an alarm. Meaning you will be notified on your smartphone if someone enters your home while your system is armed and take action immediately if something is wrong. Our door alarms and motion sensors ensure that nobody can enter your home undetected.

2. Take Immediate Action

It wasn’t long ago that if your home alarm system was activated, you would get a call from your alarm company, and you’d have to go home to determine if the alarm was valid. Today, abode’s home monitoring service makes this much simpler. If your alarm is activated, you’ll get a notification on your smartphone. You can review video footage and pictures to determine the validity of the alert. Then, if needed, you can call the police. If no action is required, you can simply turn the alarm off.

3. Enjoy Peace of Mind

The most difficult benefit of home monitoring to quantify is arguably the most valuable: peace of mind. Removing worry about your home’s safety reduces stress so you can focus attention on your everyday tasks. Security solutions from abode can be self-monitored, or you can get 24/7 professional monitoring from a UL-listed monitoring center with abode’s Secure plan. Each plan from abode is designed to be flexible in order to accommodate your home’s unique needs.  Because abode doesn’t require a contract, you have the option to change your plan at any time.

Ready to choose an abode home monitoring plan that works for your household? Get started today with our All-In-One Security or Wireless Security System today!