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Cell Phone Home Security: How abode Puts Control of Your Home Security in the Palm of Your Hand

The abode app's timeline on an iPhone X showing you can monitor and control your home security with your cell phone

These days, it’s hard to find something you can’t accomplish using your phone. With abode’s DIY home security systems, now your home security is no different. At abode, we took what was already great about home security and made it more accessible for everyone by allowing people to set up their systems themselves and also allowing them to control and monitor it right from their cell phones. You can arm & disarm, view live video of your home via one of our security cameras, view a timeline of when doors were opened & closed thanks to our door alarms, and more – all right from your phone using our mobile app.

Peace of mind at your fingertips

When it comes to home security, one of the most important factors is the peace of mind that your system gives you. With abode, we allow you to set up completely custom notifications so you are alerted right on your phone to anything you want to be without being disturbed by mundane notifications.

Here’s how it works: when you get your system, follow the guided setup instructions in our mobile app to get all of your devices paired to your system and placed where you want them. After that, simply log in to your account at my.goabode.com and set up which notifications you would like sent to your phone and which you do not. Once you get those set up how you’d like them, just leave the rest to us knowing if something happens (like a motion sensor picking up movement) you’ll be notified and able to act immediately from wherever you are.

Arm & Disarm Your System Without lifting a finger

One of the best features of abode is it can use your phone’s location to arm and disarm your system as you come & go without you having to do it manually. All you have to do is set up “geolocations” within your account using our web app. Once you set up these locations (home, work, etc), you set up custom rules for when your system should arm or disarm itself. For example, you can set it to arm to away mode when you leave your “home” geolocation and disarm your system once you pull onto your street. You can also arm & disarm our system right from our mobile app using your phone if that’s more of your style. It’s home security, modernized.

What if my phone dies?

Not to worry, if your phone dies there are ways you can manually change your system’s mode. Included in every starter kit is a key fob that lets you remotely arm and disarm your system much like locking & unlocking your car door with your car keys. Outside of that, you can also purchase one of our wireless keypads that act as a traditional security systems keypad and allows you to enter unique codes for each user so you don’t compromise your security.

abode has worked hard to ensure that users privacy is just that – private. We use multiple layers of encryption so you can be sure that your home and your data are safe. All that’s left for you to do is get started. So what are you waiting for? Secure your home for life today with our wireless security system or all-in-one security device.

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