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Simple Security Solution: How abode Takes the Confusion Out of Home Security

Abode April 30, 2019

Choosing devices to build out your home security system might seem like a daunting task. The good news is, smart technology has made the process of securing your home easier than ever before. All that is required of you is to purchase a few small gadgets that can all be monitored and managed with one app downloaded to your phone. Sounds simple, right? But where do you even begin?

Here are a few tips that will point you in the right direction:

Devices Should Be Small and Convenient

Traditional security systems generally include expensive, cumbersome hardware that requires a complicated installation process that must be done by a professional. However, with abode’s simple security solution, that’s not the case. Our small, yet very robust security devices are portable and easy to self-install, with the option for professional support if needed.

In addition to a fast and convenient setup process, the installation leaves no lasting marks on your home, and the devices can be taken with you if you ever end up moving into a new home. You can begin securing your home with one of our starter kits, and then customize your security with add-on devices like door sensors and accessories to meet your changing smart home needs.

A Simple Security Solution That’s Practical and Easy to Use

The installation process for a classic security solution is not only less convenient than a smart solution, but it also lacks self-monitoring options, and does not provide the option for users to remotely access and control their system. If an alarm goes off or a camera spots something while you are out, you wouldn’t know unless you receive a phone call from the police responding to a false alarm. Or worse, a real emergency that occurred while you weren’t home.

With abode’s system, you can keep track of the status of your home from wherever you are. HD camera captures everything on a live video feed and sends images right to your phone if your system senses that something is awry. From the app, you can also customize the alerts you receive on your phone if your schedule changes abruptly on any given day.

If a motion sensor picks up movement, or a door and window sensor detects either of those entry points have been opened or tampered with, you’ll know about it immediately. You can even program the system so that occurrences like these trigger automated actions, like images or video being automatically captured and sent to you. In some instances, your family member could have triggered your system by simply arriving home earlier than normal. But, if something more serious is taking place in your home, your smart security system alerts you to take action immediately.

Smart Home Automations – Your Home Can Take Care of Itself

With CUE, abode’s home automation platform, your smart home security system can work in two ways. One way allows you to check the status of your home and get alerts about events using the app. If a sensor picks up something suspicious, you will get a notification and can choose whether or not to take action. The other way allows your home to monitor itself and react to events autonomously, by simply pre-programming a range of triggers to lead to certain actions. For example, if it’s dark outside, nobody is home, and motion is detected, then the first-floor lights can automatically come on and potentially stop someone from continuing to trespass on your property.

The system can also be used for more simple things to give you peace of mind, like making sure the doors are locked after you’ve left the house. The types of automations you can set are dependent on the devices you have connected to your system. Thankfully, abode integrates with all kinds of devices from top brands that you may already have installed in your home, like devices from Google, Amazon, Nest, ecobee, LIFX and more.

Pairing New Devices Is Easy

It’s easy to start small and build up your smart home security system as needed over time. If you started with a camera, siren, and a few sensors around major entrance ways, you can later add devices like temperature and water leak sensors to build out a customized system that matches your personal lifestyle.

Your abode security system provides you with the flexibility to continue adding devices as your house becomes a smart home. Currently, there are an estimated 144 million smart homes in the U.S. and soon, smart homes will become the new norm. This means that your security setup will become part of a larger ecosystem of devices. That’s why our home security system was designed to connect with up to 160 devices and counting, including devices from major smart home brands that support ZigBee and Z-Wave wireless protocols.

You can check out our website to see how to get started with abode or get a free consultation if you’d like help deciding what would work best for your home.