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How iota All-In-One reduces your home security worries

Abode February 25, 2019
Do you think, “all-in-one,” when you think, “home security?” If not, you will now. abode DIY Home Security has a home security device that acts as a smart home hub and includes built-in security features to minimize your need for more devices. meet iota, the all in-one security device.
Every abode security kit comes with a gateway, either the smart security kit or iota. These gateways connect with your other abode security devices wirelessly and act as the control center for your system. For example, if your door or motion sensor is triggered, it alerts your hub, which then alerts you. iota includes a built-in 1080p camera, motion sensor, two-way voice, and other smart home abilities. It’s completely wireless because it communicates via WiFi, Z-Wave, and Zigbee technologies.
How does iota reduce your stress? With abode security, your home is always protected. You can choose to have professional monitoring with your system or self-monitor. If your alarm is activated, you’ll get an immediate alert on your phone with footage of what caused the alarm. iota has this ability built in, so you don’t need extra security cameras unless you want to have another pair of eyes or a motion sensor in another room.
iota works with all abode devices and popular smart home products from known brands. This allows you to build your system as you see fit with no contracts or sales pitches. It is your security on your terms.
If you aren’t sure how to use abode home security, it’s as easy as:
  1. Selecting the right abode security system.
  2. Choosing your coverage plan.
  3. Adding devices like door alarms, water leak sensors, sirens, and more.
  4. When everything arrives, install abode security yourself with no tools or wiring required!
Avoid stressing over your home’s safety and let abode do the work for you with the iota all-in-one hub!