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Abode Wireless Video Doorbell is “full of value”

Abode June 06, 2023

USA Today’s Reviewed.com recently took a look at our Wireless Video Doorbell to see how it measures up and if it’s a solid product. The full review is posted here, but below are some key takeaways.

On design:

“This video doorbell has a sleek design: Abode’s Wireless Video Doorbell is relatively inexpensive, but it thankfully doesn’t look cheap.”

On size and footprint:

“Not only is the Video Doorbell well-designed, but it’s also a good size too. I reviewed the Aqara Video Doorbell G4, and while I liked the design of it, I did find it to be a little chunky. The Abode Wireless Video Doorbell is much slimmer, draws less attention to itself, and will likely look a little more sleek next to your front door.”

On video quality:

“…for the price, the device generally offers a great image quality. The Wireless Video Doorbell offers a 1080p resolution with a 160-degree field-of-view, which should be big enough to see whoever is at your door, even if they’re standing to the side a little.”

And lots more — check out the full review on Reviewed.com. Then grab your Wireless Video Doorbell — the perfect gift for Father’s Day for any dad looking to make his home even safer for his kids and family. Shop now!