HomeKit πŸ“² + Holidays πŸŽ„ + Home Security 🏑

Abode November 23, 2022

Abode has the only fully integrated and HomeKit certified home security system β€” which means, you can use your Home app on your iOS mobile device to control your Abode smart home devices. (Want to understand HomeKit how the integration with Abode works? Read this.)Β 

And because it’s that time of year, we have plenty of deals for Apple fans who are looking to get started with a compatible home security platform β€” or HomeKit + Abode users who want to grab some discounted accessories.Β 

Let’s dive into our Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals!Β 

First up, our HomeKit compatible home security bundles on sale:

  • Black Friday Bundle (right on our homepage!)Β  includes our HomeKit certified security gateway, keypad and two mini door/window sensors, and we’re throwing in free indoor/outdoor camera and a pack of smart bulbs (not HK compatible) for just $249
  • The Iota Black Friday Bundle (all-in-one HD camera, gateway + sensor) Bundle which also includes 5 mini door / window sensors and a Key Fob for $289

And Abode is a flexible system meaning you can add to it as your needs change or you want to expand the reach of security + safety that you get from Abode.

Below are the Abode home security accessories compatible with Apple HomeKit and on sale:

As always, the Abode support team (Β is here to help answer any questions you may have about Abode, HomeKit or what devices are right for your home.