News: Abode announces Google Nest Integration

Abode May 02, 2023

Today is a big day for the Abode community — we’re excited to announce the native integration of Google Nest thermostats, doorbells and cameras to the Abode platform. 

Those users and enthusiasts who have been around for a while might ask — didn’t Abode already work with Nest devices? The short answer is: yes. Abode participated in the “Works with Nest” smart home integration program prior to its sunset in 2019. Now, in partnership with Google and through a new API program, we are able to integrate Nest cams, doorbell cam and thermostats into the Abode platform.

This re-integration will provide our users with a seamless and convenient way to manage home security, climate control, and video surveillance not to mention routines and automations, all in one place. In addition to native app control, Abode users can use integrated devices in their CUE automations, leveraging Google Nest devices as triggers for different activities or alerts in the platform.

The Google Nest devices that will now work natively inside the Abode app include:

  • Google Nest Cameras
    • Legacy Nest Cam
    • Google Nest Hub Max (has camera)
    • Legacy Nest Doorbell
    • Google Nest Cam – indoor/wired
    • Google Nest Cam – indoor/outdoor wireless (battery)
    • Google Nest Cam – with floodlights 
    • Google Nest Doorbell, wired
    • Google Nest Doorbell, wireless (battery)
  • Google Nest Thermostats
    • Nest Learning Thermostat
    • Nest Thermostat

For information or a device setup guide, visit our support site. For more information on Google Nest products and programs, visit their site here.

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