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Home Security Installation: To DIY or Not to DIY? The Question with No Wrong Answer

Abode March 27, 2019

The latest home security solutions from abode offer affordable prices and flexible systems, including the option to do-it-yourself.

Ten years ago, the phrase “DIY” in technology may have made you run the other way, eliciting images of improperly installed devices and a customer support line that came with a price. Today, abode’s home security systems have demystified DIY technology with solutions that are simple to install and easy to use. If you don’t want to DIY, abode customers have the option to choose professional installation with the purchase of either starter kit.

iota All-in-One Security Kit:

Perfect for rentals, apartments, and dorm rooms, the iota All-in-One Security Kit can serve as the hub for all of your connected devices and sensors. The iota comes with a built-in HD camera, motion sensor, and two-way voice communication. Plus, this smart security solution comes with an additional Mini Door/Window Sensor and Key Fob, with the option to purchase additional devices & accessories like door alarms and motion sensors that fit your needs.

Smart Security Kit with 4G and Z-Wave Plus:

To suit most homes, abode offers the Smart Security Kit. This starter kit ships with a Motion Sensor, Key Fob and Mini Door/Window Sensor – everything you need to get started securing your home. You can also easily connect up to 160 devices like additional sensors, water leak detectors, smoke alarm monitors, and more to your abode system. Best of all, abode works with a bunch of other smart home devices so your hands aren’t tied.

Whichever home security starter kit you choose, you will be set up with a customizable, comprehensive home security solution. Not only are abode’s smart home devices wireless and easy to install yourself, they’re also easy to pack up and move with you to a new home or apartment. If you get stuck, or have trouble installing your system, you’re not alone! With the purchase of an abode security kit, you have access to professional installation support in our awesome support team.

Don’t let installation be a barrier to a more secure home. Check out abode’s DIY security systems, and find the one that works for you!