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5 Insurance Companies Offering Discounts on Homeowners Insurance If You Have Smart Home Security Devices

By installing a smart home security system from abode, you’ll reap more than just safety benefits. Our affordable devices, flexible plans, and easy, DIY home security systems make upgrading your house to a smart home easier than ever before. We’re pleased to see that insurance companies are realizing the benefits of smart homes, too, and rewarding customers for installing smart home security devices.

From smoke detectors to thermostats to leak monitors, connected devices that monitor your home reduce your risk of having to file expensive claims through your insurance provider. Because of this mutual benefit, many insurance companies now offer homeowners and renters discounts on their monthly premiums when they use smart home devices.

Ask your insurance provider how you can save money by installing smart home devices. We recommend talking with an agent for full details on eligible devices and systems.

Here are 5 insurance companies offering discounts right now:

  1. American Family

American Family Insurance offers up to a 5% discount on homeowners insurance on homes with smart home devices. Qualifying devices include those that detect water, improve your energy efficiency and increase your home’s overall safety like a smart home security system.

  1. Farmers

Smart locks, wireless home security systems with motion sensors/cameras,  and smart smoke/carbon monoxide detectors are all examples of devices that help to make your home safer and could result in a discount on insurance premiums from Farmers.

  1. Nationwide

The use of a protective device such as a smoke detector, fire alarm, and burglar alarm may result in a discount from Nationwide insurance. Ask an agent about other qualifying devices that might result in a discount on your premium.

  1. Progressive

Smart security systems are among the top qualifiers for extra discounts through Progressive insurance.

  1. Travelers

Travelers offer a Protective Device Discount, which includes devices such as fire/smoke detectors, home security systems, and other smart home sensors.

If you’re thinking about a smart home security system (or already have one), check-in with your provider to see what kind of discount you could be receiving. If you don’t have an abode system yet, get started with one of our flexible bundles today.


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