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Abode August 08, 2019

Abode alarm system can be use for many use cases. Many people would like to watch their RV like they do their home. They want to know as soon as something is wrong. They want to be able to check door locks, cameras, motion sensors and add sirens to scare off would-be intruders.

With abode, all of this is possible. You can monitor and control everything related to your RV security using just your phone. All you need is an internet connection to set your system up and start living worry-free when it comes to the security of your RV.

Making Your RV Safer and More Comfortable

It’s important to track the temperature of your RV to keep yourself, family, and pets safe and comfortable. Using our temperature-sensing Occupancy sensor, you can use the abode app to see current temperature levels and set your system up so you get alerts if it goes above or below a certain point.

Water leak sensors can prevent disaster in your RV by letting you know as soon as water is detected in a spot where it shouldn’t be with a notification to your phone and loud 85-decibel alarm. abode can also connect with devices that provide smoke and carbon monoxide detection.

Traditional RV Security with Added Perks

Some long-standing RV security devices are as important as ever. For example, no vehicle should be without an alarm or a glass break sensor. Using abode as your RV security system allows you to pair devices like acoustic glass break sensors and indoor sirens to your setup. This means every inch of your RV is protected and if something does go wrong, the intruder will know to get out & stay out.

With door & window sensors, you can remotely check whether your RV is secure. Our app allows you to check the open/close status of all of your connected door & window sensors whenever, wherever.

The Importance of RV Cameras

Most RVs have elementary alarms and sirens equipped, but a lot of people don’t think of adding cameras and motion sensors. These devices can be extremely beneficial in terms of both deterring would-be thieves and aiding the police in catching them if they do make away with anything.

An abode camera captures images that can be passed to law enforcement. You can link your camera to your motion sensor so it’s only capturing images when it needs to be. Every clip captured by your system is uploaded to abode’s secure cloud storage and you have access to download it for as long as your plan allows for.

abode lets you protect your property from anywhere. You’ll have peace of mind knowing that you will be notified as soon as something goes wrong. Visit our website to learn more about abode.