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Nanny Cam: How To Set Up Your Wireless Nanny Cam System

Nanny Cam

If you are considering installing a nanny cam in your home, abode’s home security system makes it very easy to do.

It’s normal that as parents, you might want to watch the nanny when you’re out of the house. Yet there are a few things to consider when implementing this security step, like how the system will work best in your home and how to discuss it with the nanny.

Set Up Your Nanny Cam

Our wireless security system can be tailored to fit your unique preferences and purposes and works perfectly for a nanny cam. Every part of the system (including our cameras) is compact, portable, and easy to self-install and set up.

The abode Cam allows HD streaming 24/7 that can be viewed right from your phone at any time, anywhere. This means that you can check in whenever and make sure everything is as it should be.

abode cam

We have everything you need to set up a wireless nanny cam system. We offer portable cameras that you can place or move to any room in your home. Our flexible mounting feature means you can even install them on a table or wall if you wanted to.

Our iota all-in-one home security device has an HD camera and two-way voice capability. These features allow you to make contact with people in your home at all times. This direct communication is also helpful for your nanny if there is a pressing question. The iota also includes a motion sensor, which you might like to put in any room where the nanny is not allowed.

abode iota on shelf

Another useful piece of the abode kit that works well with a nanny cam setup is our keypad. It allows up to 40 pin codes, so different people can arm and disarm the system. This means you can give your nanny a unique code that can be removed if you eventually part ways.

Discussing it With Your Nanny

The safety of your children takes priority, but it can be tricky to record someone without their knowledge or consent. It can also be a little bit awkward to tell them you plan to keep an eye on them.

The ideal thing to do is to inform the nanny that you have cameras set up around the home. These days it’s not uncommon for a home to have a security camera installed so they should not be shocked to learn this.

If a nanny knows a camera is watching them, it will remove any uncomfortable discussions down the line. It should also ensure they are on their best behavior. It’s best to prevent them from doing anything wrong in the first place instead of picking it up on camera when it’s too late.

Legal Questions

Legality varies depending on where you live, so it’s best to check the exact situation in your state or country. There shouldn’t be any problem at all with installing cameras. The legal questions begin to arise if somebody doesn’t know that they are being recorded.

Most laws state that people shouldn’t be recorded in a place where they have a reasonable expectation of privacy. A nanny working in your home can’t expect privacy in the living room, but would expect it somewhere like the bathroom. Do your best to place cameras in spaces where this reasonable expectation of privacy can be assumed.

Whatever approach you decide to take with your nanny cam setup, abode’s home security system can provide custom protection and peace of mind.

Carter Main

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