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Meet the new Abode Security Kit

Today’s the day. Today, we raise the standard for what you should expect in a modern, smart home security offering — meet the smart, wireless, and cost-effective Abode Security Kit.
Inside our new kit, you’ll find a three-piece, easy-to-install system includes everything needed for basic home security, including the Abode Security Hub along with an Abode Mini Door/Window sensor and a Key Fob, all controlled through an intuitive and easy to use mobile app. Both expandable and flexible, the Abode Security Kit gives you the ability to start with a basic but powerful alarm system today and customize with additional smart home products and convenient, intuitive automation.

We’re launching this kit ahead of Memorial Day weekend for a reason — grab the most feature-packed DIY home security kit available today for just $139.99 with *free* ground shipping.

What’s included in the Abode Security Kit?

The Abode Security Kit includes an Abode Security Hub, a Mini Door/Window Sensor, a Key Fob, and all the cables and accessories needed for setup.

Will the existing security hubs – the original hub (or gateway) in the Smart Security Kit and the Iota hub in the Iota All-in-One Kit – continue to be sold and supported?

Absolutely; we want to assure all of our customers — the Smart Security Kit and the IOTA Kit and the corresponding hubs will continue to be sold and 100% supported in the same manner they always have been. 

What do I need to have to set up my security system?

For the initial setup, you will need an Apple mobile device (iPhone or iPad), or an Android device (phone or tablet), an AC power outlet, and a spare Ethernet port on your internet router.

What devices will work with the Abode Security Kit?

The new Abode Security Kit will allow users to enjoy our platform integrations with top smart home brands including AI voice assistants Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant as well as Google Nest cameras, thermostats and doorbell (select), Ecobee thermostats, Sonos and Bose audio speakers, LIFX lighting, August smart locks and IFTTT for more automation outside of our CUE engine.

However, the new security hub does not have a Z-Wave or Zigbee chip inside and therefore cannot connect to smart home devices that connect using Z-Wave or Zigbee technology. We also do not offer HomeKit functionality on this kit. However, those platforms are important for many in the smart home and that connectivity will continue to be supported and offered in the Abode Smart Security Kit as well as in the Abode Iota All-In-One Security Kit.

Visit our store to see what home security solution is right for you — and while you’re there, check out the Memorial Day deals happening through Monday, May 29.


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Meet the new Abode Security Kit

Today’s the day. Today, we raise the standard for what you should expect in a modern, smart home security offering — meet […]

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Smart Security Hub With 1 Mini Door/Window Sensor, 1 Key Fob, and 1 Sticker

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iota All-In-One Hub With 1 Mini Door/Window Sensor and 1 Key Fob.

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