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How To Secure Your Windows

Abode June 04, 2019

Making homes both secure and attractive is a true balancing act. Windows are a defining feature of every home but they are also vulnerable. It’s important to find a setup that protects these entry points to your home without taking away from them.

Let’s take a look at all the options for securing windows from old-school hardware to impressive new tech.

Are your windows and locks in good condition?

Older windows are easier to breach than newer models. If replacing your old windows is difficult due to their charm or the cost then getting new locks is a good idea. If you live in a rental property, landlords have legal obligations to ensure it’s safe and secure. Don’t be afraid to request this update if you feel unsafe.

Besides replacing locks, you can strengthen your protection with extra locks. If you have sash locks, for example, you could add a chain lock that only allows a window to open a certain amount.

You do have options when it comes to securing your windows with protection other than locks. Planting thorny bushes outside of windows, adding bars, or installing glass that won’t shatter are all options. For example, laminated glass (used in windshields) holds its structure even if it’s broken. This is great because it prevents a broken window from being a point of entry for an intruder.

It’s important to remember that these options need to be balanced with other safety concerns. Several windows in a home should be easy enough to open that you can get out in an emergency, such as a fire. Bars and locks may be useful for a window that could be open to intruders, but it’s not the right option for every window.

Lock Your Windows

Ensuring windows are locked may seem obvious, but around 30% of intruders enter homes through unlocked doors or windows. There are two options for making sure your windows are locked:

  1. Do a pass or two of the entire home every time you want to go out.
  2. Use a smart security system that tells you if a window is open.

Secure Your Windows With Smart Tech

A wireless security system will tell you whether your windows are open or not. Door and window sensors connect to an app on your phone so you can check in on the status of windows at any time.

Further protect windows with the use of cameras and alarms. These devices combine to add another layer of security to your connected system. For example, if the app tells you a window is open, you can check that the alarm is armed and ready to go right from your phone. You can also get live streaming footage from the camera to check that everything is as it should be.

abode's 1080 Streaming camera

Smart home security systems are both proactive and reactive. You can program the system to respond in certain ways to certain conditions. For example, if a window is open, it’s dark outside, and you’re not home, then the first-floor lights will automatically come on to deter intruders.

Securing windows is a crucial part of strong home security. It involves balancing your safety needs with considerations of aesthetics and practicality.

Your best bet is to use some combination of traditional methods while also taking advantage of modern smart home security. A setup like this will ensure your windows are as protected as possible while also giving you the ability to act quickly if something happens.

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