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How to Leverage Your Security System for the Big Game

Abode January 30, 2020

The big game is quickly approaching, and whether you’re planning a party to cheer on your favorite team or heading to your favorite sports bar or a friend’s house for the festivities, your smart home security system can help add to the excitement and safeguard the end zone you call “home”. Smart home technology is transforming the way we live day-to-day – including the way we enjoy watching games!

As you prep for gameday consider these tips to take your viewing to the next level:

Arm your System While You’re Away

If you’re headed out on gameday and will be away from home, be sure to arm your system so you know your home is protected. Your focus should be on what’s happening on the field, not back at home.

You might consider purchasing a full security kit that includes everything you need to protect your home from all angles. Our iota all-in-one Security Kit combines home security automation, and HD-Streaming all in a single device. With self-monitoring, alerts are sent directly to your phone – that way you’ll be notified of any suspicious activity. If at any point you feel the need to check-in and see what’s going on, you can with 24/7 streaming availability.

Going out on gameday isn’t for everyone. If staying in and watching the game from the comfort of your home is more your speed, there’s still no harm in taking a few extra steps for your security and peace of mind. A smart lock and motion sensors are great ways to keep yourself safe from inside the home.

While you’re busy watching the game, you’ll know that your home is protected from those who may be looking to score big from unprotected homes. On game day, you want to be in the zone to catch all of the biggest plays, not worrying about who might be sneaking around the neighborhood while everyone is enjoying the game.

If You’re Hosting, Try Our New Sonos Integration

Hosting the perfect party for game day is a feat into itself, but quality entertainment doesn’t have to fall to the wayside. If you own an abode system, our new integration with Sonos allows you to connect your music streaming accounts to assign any audio clip or track to any programmed scene or action.

The abode + Sonos integration can help take your both your home security and game day party to the next level. Imagine, your guests walk through the door and are automatically welcomed by your go-to game day playlist. Or, the moment a guest opens the front door to join in on the party, a predetermined sound bite plays to welcome them to your home for the big game. With the new abode + Sonos integration, this could be configured within CUE, our advanced automation engine, to trigger every time the front door sensor is opened.

The best part is this is all through your abode smart home security kit, so there’s no need to battle with finicky Bluetooth speakers or manually trigger what you’d like to happen. Your home security and home entertainment can be linked together to enhance day to day experiences. Not only will your guests be talking about the great game, but they’ll be talking about your even greater party.

There’s no right or wrong way to do game day. However, with the abode + Sonos integration, there is a way to bring your festivities to the next level while simultaneously ensuring your home is protected with our robust smart home security system.