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Dec 2020 Video Improvements

Abode December 07, 2020

Behind the scenes and over the past few months, the abode team has been hard at work making significant video performance updates that impact all of our video-enabled devices.

These enhancements substantially accelerate time-to-first frame, reduce latency, and improve video quality for all of our video streaming cameras, including our abode cam, iota Security Kit, and Outdoor Smart Cam. These efforts also encompass improvements to iota’s video performance when viewed within Apple HomeKit.

We’re delighted to announce that these updates are available to all abode users now via a firmware update and do not require customers to purchase any new or additional hardware.

Update Firmware now

Video and surveillance are cornerstones of home security in 2020. We value and appreciate all of the direct customer feedback we have received on video performance in the past. Your feedback motivated us to make video performance a top priority for abode and this this update, we’re proud to say that video is now an integral aspect of the abode ecosystem that has been improved in every way.

To any customers who have been holding off on adding a video-enabled device to your abode system or to potential customers who have strongly considered abode but been hesitant to place an order due to reports of substandard video, now is the perfect time to jump in and get started!

As always, thank you for your feedback and for being an abode customer. We’re thrilled to make this major improvement available to everyone.

The abode team