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What To Look For When Buying A Home Security Camera

Security cameras keep homes safe by deterring intruders and helping to prevent porch piracy, which affects more than one-third of Americans. The devices also have other benefits beyond security. If you plan to install cameras around your home, look for the following features.

Homeowners buying new security camera systems tend to prefer smart devices, which come with a lot of additional features on top of video surveillance. Smart cameras offer live HD streaming, night-vision capabilities, and two-way voice communication, and you can choose to have the camera only record when motion is detected. Some devices can even tell you when a person is on your doorstep and send you alerts or clips to review.

With DIY security cameras, you can quickly and easily install as many cameras as you need, wherever you choose, without leaving any marks on your home. It’s preferable to select a system that has indoor/outdoor cameras that can all be controlled from your phone. Cameras with wide-angle lenses allow better video coverage across your property.

As with all smart home devices, security cameras that integrate with other brands provide a lot of flexibility and allow for greater functionality. For example, you could integrate your camera with Alexa and set your voice assistant to call out when someone is at the front door.

Being able to view any room in your home whenever you like is very convenient, but for privacy reasons it’s important to choose a reputable company to provide your security cameras and your overall system. Videos recorded inside a property are clearly the kind of data that has to be tightly controlled.

Media captured by any Abode camera is securely uploaded to the Abode cloud and is only accessible to authorized users, which usually means the people who live in your home. Our system uses two-factor identification and multiple levels of encryption for further privacy protection.

For security cameras with all the essential features and much more, check out Abode’ security cameras today.

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