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Small Business Security: 5 Simple Steps To Setting Up abode For Your Business

Abode January 30, 2019

Your business may be small, but your security needs are not. abode’s smart security system provides a convenient, no-contract solution that your team can count on. As a small business owner, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing that your business and assets are protected by a professional grade smart security system, allowing you and your team focus your time on other matters like growing your brand and generating new business.

Getting started with abode is as easy as following the 5 steps below.

  1. Select your plan.

    With three plans to choose from, there’s an option that will fit your business’s needs and budget. Choose from Basic, Connect, or Secure. Connect keeps your abode system online 24/7 with 4G Cellular Backup even if your internet connection is lost. In addition to online backup, our Secure plan provides professional monitoring around the clock.

  2. Select your devices.

    Once you’ve chosen your plan, you can then choose which devices deliver the features your small business needs from security system. Your abode Essentials Starter Kit includes 1 Gateway, 1 Motion Sensor, 1 Mini Door/Window Sensor, 1 Remote Key Fob, and 1 “Secured by abode” sticker. Additional accessories, such as our motion sensors with a built-in camera, are available to you to build out your system.

  3. Set up your account.

    When you receive your abode Essentials Starter Kit, you can set up your abode account from the web, or through our iOS and Android apps. You’ll be asked to set up a username and password, and enter the Gateway activation code that comes included in your Starter Kit. For the web, you can simply create an account by visiting and selecting “create an account.”

  4. Set up the Gateway.

    The abode mobile and web apps provide easy-to-follow guided instructions for setup. During the setup process, your gateway requires access to both power and the internet via an included network cable to an open port on your router. Don’t worry about hiring a professional, this is a task anyone in your office should be able to handle.

  5. Follow the guide to complete the installation.

    Once your Gateway is successfully powered and connected, you can follow the guide on the abode mobile app or web app to finish the installation process. Thanks to wireless technologies like Z-Wave and Wi-Fi, connecting your motion detectors and door/window sensors are a breeze.

A smart security system from abode could deliver the peace of mind a small business owner is searching for – a hassle-free, flexible solution to protect your business and assets.