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Self Monitored Home Security: Take Control of Your Security

Abode May 06, 2019
Our phones let us take control of many aspects of our lives from wherever we are. Home security should be no different, and a self-monitored system gives us the control we need.

Control Your Home Security With an App

Traditional security systems involve setting up an alarm and hoping for the best. In the past, we would wait until we got home to find out if everything was safe and secure. We would have no way of knowing the status of our home throughout the day. We would also rely on the help of others if something did happen, such as neighbors checking in when a siren went off.

Traditional security systems might provide peace of mind. But in today’s world we expect the ability to check the status of our home at any point throughout the day. With a self monitored alarm system, you always know the security status of your home.


Abode’s security system allows you to check on all devices paired to your system right from your phone. The system allows you to customize every alert that you would like to receive to give you peace of mind. You’ll know that your system will alert you if anything goes awry, such as glass breaking. You can choose to be notified about small things too like when the front door is opened.

Immediately Know What Triggered Your Alarm


Wireless security alerts mean you’ll know right away that something has occurred. These alerts tell you exactly what happened to set off that alarm. Your system can be set up to capture images when a door opens or to send a video to your phone when an alarm is triggered.
With traditional systems, it would be difficult to know if a siren is a false alarm or a genuine problem. With a self-monitored system, you can immediately check why your alarm was set off. With this information, you can decide if the situation requires an emergency response.

Customize Your Home


abode’s system goes beyond receiving alerts from settings that you’ve customized. With CUE, you can program the system so that your home responds to triggers. For example, if you’re not home, your system can arm itself. If it becomes dark outside, the kitchen lights can be set to turn on if motion is detected or if a window is opened. Turning the lights on could lead an intruder to think that someone is home and prevent a burglary.
Prevention Is Better Than Cure
The aim of taking control of your home security is preventing issues before they occur. Our Water Leak Sensor detects when water is where it shouldn’t be and lets you know immediately. This gives you plenty of time to take action before the leak has time to cause any significant damage. You could even unlock your door and disarm your system to let a professional into your home to fix the issue! Enjoy the convenience of having issues resolved while you’re still at work or out of town.
With a self-monitored security system, your paired devices will be connected by a central hub. This hub communicates with all wireless abode devices installed throughout your home. It can also work with devices from other major smart home brands and can pair with up to 160 devices.
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