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How to Hide an Outdoor Security Camera

Abode March 19, 2021

There are both benefits and drawbacks to hiding outdoor home security cameras. Visible cameras do act as a deterrent to potential intruders, but they can sometimes spoil the aesthetics of a home, and they may make some guests feel uncomfortable. An advantage of hiding them is that it’s more difficult for intruders to spot and disable them. If you choose to hide your outdoor cameras, try the following tips.

Hide it in Trees

Trees and bushes provide good cover for cameras as the device’s shape is difficult to pick out between the leaves and branches. Any branches that might obscure the view could be cut back. You can disguise the camera even further but putting it in a birdhouse, and the hole at the front is perfect for the lens. Ideally, you could handcraft a birdhouse with a “doorway” that’s just big enough for the lens but not big for birds to enter.

Choose Flexible Mounting

Flexible mounting options greatly increases your options when it comes to positioning your camera. For example, you could put it under the eaves on your roof. Look for a camera that can be mounted in a multitude of ways.

Get a High Quality Camera with Night Vision

You might have found the perfect spot to hide your camera, but if it can’t produce high quality images of important areas like the garage door, then it’s effectiveness is reduced. Choosing a product with a combination of full color night vision and HD video means you can put the camera further away and still get good images.

Choose a High Vantage Point

Outdoor cameras should generally be installed at around 8 to 10 feet high. This gives the device a good field of vision, and it also makes it more difficult for criminals to tamper with it if they are able to spot it. At this height, you’ll still get a high quality recording.

Choose the Abode Cam 2 for flexible positioning, the Outdoor Smart Cam as a doorbell camera, or pick up both for full coverage of your property.