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Home Invasion – What is it and How Do You Stop it?

Abode August 13, 2020

The term ‘home invasion’ is easily confused with burglary or robbery. Although there’s no exact definition, the phrase is usually used to describe the crime of illegally entering a property while the legal occupants are inside.

Although the intent may be to take possessions as with a burglary, most burglars would prefer that there was nobody inside the premises to cause any problems. With home invasion, the intruder may intend to attack the occupants or have no issue with confronting them if they cross their path.

This potential for violence that occurs alongside the crime of breaking and entering should make homeowners extra vigilant about protecting their homes. Here are three things you can do to prevent home invasions.

Don’t let strangers into your home 
Whereas a lot of burglars are opportunists, criminals with violent intent may target a specific property for a home invasion and do their homework on the house and its occupants. If someone you don’t know comes to your door, be very cautious about letting them in or even answering the door until you know who they are.

Bear in mind they could be dressed as professionals wearing uniforms or flashing ID that could be fake. If someone claims to be from a certain company and you were not expecting them to visit, call the company to make sure they are genuine employees.

Know your neighborhood
Potential intruders sometimes keep an eye on a home to observe details such as when the homeowners come and go, how many people are in the house, and what time they usually sleep.

One way to watch a homeowner’s behavior is to park up in a vehicle on the street. If you know your neighborhood well and you see a new vehicle parked with people sitting inside it for long periods, it’s acceptable to be suspicious and call the police. If you’re out jogging or walking the dog, try to keep tabs on what commercial vehicles are usually in the area, such as lawn mowing companies. You’ll then be able to spot any that seem out of place.

Secure your property 
The first step in securing your property is to deter criminals from targeting it. Home security features like cameras, yard signs, and exterior lights will be enough to put some intruders off. If someone does enter, an alarm system and siren linked to door, window, and motion sensors may be enough to make the intruder turn and flee.

Having your home security system linked to professional monitoring will ensure you get help as soon as possible. To avoid letting strangers, such as those posing as fake employees, into your home, install a doorbell camera. Smart cameras have facial recognition and can alert you if someone unfamiliar is spotted. You can then use two-way voice communication to avoid answering the door.

Fortunately, most people will never be victims of a home invasion. But there are many other benefits to getting a smart home security system, including comfort, convenience, and energy saving. Get started with abode here.