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5 Clever Ways to Hide Your Security Camera Wires

Abode June 18, 2021

Outdoor security cameras are your home’s first line of defense against burglars. They provide you with video footage of your property and can alert you to motion detected before someone reaches the front door, enabling you to identify and prevent potential intruders from coming into your home.

But installing outdoor security cameras comes with the caveat: electrical wires are an eyesore and potential target for burglars when left exposed and unorganized. For those with security cameras, exposed wires and cables can become a target for burglars who want to disable your system and get into your property. They can simply cut the power cable to your devices to prevent them from communicating with each other and triggering an alarm.

To prevent these things from happening, you need to cleverly hide your security camera wires. Here are some creative ways to prevent your security camera wires from being exposed and seen:

Paint your wires with the same colors as the background

It’s always easier finding a shade of paint color than finding a wire or cable with the same color as your walls. As long as the type of paint you’re using sticks to the plastic covering of your wire or cable, it should be easy to just paint over them instead of having to scour your local hardware store in search of the right color for your wires or cables.

Hide the wires behind a hedge or crawling plants

If you have a hedge along your fence or a trellis running the height of your house walls, these are perfect for hiding wires or cables for your security cameras. Once the plants grow to a certain thickness, it will cover and conceal your electrical wiring and make it harder for burglars to access and cut them. An additional layer of camouflage would be to use darker colored wires so that they can’t be easily spotted among the vines. Just add concealed labels to the wires so that you can easily distinguish them from your plants when trimming them during gardening work.

Conceal your wires behind potted plants or decorative items

If you don’t have a hedge or a trellis with crawling plants at home, hiding your wiring behind potted plants and other decorative items can also do the trick. You can either buy large potted plants for better coverage or crowd the area with smaller potted plants of different varieties for added color and aesthetic. Decorative items such as garden gnomes, clay figurines and statues, cart wheels, wind spinners, and bird baths can also distract people’s attention away from your wiring.

Install cable racers

Another simple solution is to buy plastic tubing called cable racers. Simply adhere the racer to the wall, feed your cords through, and paint the same color as your wall.

Tuck the wires behind wood or plastic molding

Wood or plastic moulding are not just great accents to the area where your walls meet with either the ceiling or the floor, they’re also great for concealing electrical cables! Most wood or plastic moulding these days have recessed sections where you can run electrical cables behind the panel, making them invisible to the naked eye. These can be easily installed with just a hammer and some nails or screws and an electrical drill. Some even have strong adhesive at the back so you can just pop it on to your walls without any hassle. At your local hardware store, these mouldings come in a wide array of colors, designs, and materials so you can match them with your walls.

The Abode Cam 2 works best with any of these six clever ideas. This nimble and durable camera can work inside or outside your home with only one power cord needed and flexible mounting options, allowing you to place them anywhere in or around your home inconspicuously. Despite its size, it packs a lot of security features like person detection, full-color low-light vision, HD live and recorded video, and built-in microphone and speaker making it the ideal first line of defense for your property.