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4 Ways to Keep Your Home Safe This Summer

Abode May 15, 2022

Summer is the optimal time to get out and travel with your friends and family. Making sure your home is as secure as possible while youre out of town is crucial not only during the summer months but year-round. These tips will help you ensure you have peace of mind while youre away so you can enjoy your time this summer without worrying.

Find the Right Security System

Choosing the right security system can be tricky, especially if you dont know where to start. Building a custom security system for your home can help you decide what equipment you need and where it would best benefit your home. For example, you might want security cameras outside your home but not inside. Or perhaps you might not want any cameras installed and would just prefer a small doorbell camera and an alarm system. No matter which route you decide to take, Abode has many customizable options that you can choose from for your house. 

Install a Fence or Gate

A physical barrier is sometimes the best way to deter intruders from your property, should you be away for an extended period of time. This can supplement a security system very well, as sensors and cameras can alert you if motion is detected around any entry points of your home. These fences and gates would require some serious construction, so its important to decide if thats something you think would be a worthwhile investment. Budgeting for a project like this can also be a challenge. Using a home equity loan to help cover the costs of a project like this is one of the many solutions. With this type of loan, you can use the equity of your home to help cover the costs of major renovations, like installing a fence or a security system.

Use a Mail Forwarding Service 

Depending on how long youre going to be away from home, using a mail forwarding service can help keep your personal information more secure. If youre going away for weeks at a time, having your mail forwarded to you or to a P.O. Box might be the safest option for you. This way, you dont have to worry about theft if you have anything important sent to you while youre out of town. Forwarding your mail to a P.O. Box will help keep it in one place until you get back, rather than leaving your mail unattended at home. If youre using a house sitter, this also keeps your information private from them while youre away. Mail forwarding is a great option for you to get all your mail from friends, family, and other people in your life once you return. 

Invest in Smart Home Technology

Smart home technology is ideal for keeping tabs on your house while youre traveling. With a smart security system, you can monitor your cameras, arm your security system, or even turn on and off your lights. Having remote access to your homes functionality is great because you can give someone access to your home if theyre coming to check on things by using smart locks on your doors. This way, theres no hiding keys or giving out codes to house sitters. Having lights on timers can give neighbors the impression that someone is home because theyll turn on and off throughout the day. 

Since summer is the best time to travel and enjoy your free time with friends and family, its essential to keep your home secure while youre out of town. Purchasing a security system, building a lockable fence, forwarding your mail, and utilizing different smart home technologies all will help protect your home so you can enjoy the summer months worry-free.