Abode Cam 2

This Wi-Fi-connected security camera can be used indoors or outdoors and features full-color video around the clock. Use it as part of a complete security system or on its own as a video-only solution.


Wireless Video Doorbell

Get a complete view of your front door with this camera’s 160° field of view streaming full color, HD video. The included chime allows our doorbell to be completely wireless which makes for an incredibly easy installation process and allows you to put it anywhere within range of your Wi-Fi network.


Abode Lock

Meet Abode Lock: a sleek, secure upgrade for your door. This advanced lock includes a Bluetooth keypad with fingerprint access, and mobile app control, seamlessly blending into your home’s existing setup.


Color Bulb

Our bulbs allow you to set color, brightness, and temperature manually from the Abode app or automatically via our home automation platform, CUE*. Already use Alexa or Google Assistant for your smart home control? Use our bulbs with either.

* CUE requires Standard or Pro plan.