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Outdoor Siren

Make sure alarms don't go unnoticed with a loud alarm and strobe when triggered.

Draw attention when it is needed most.

The Outdoor Siren was designed to protect you and your home when you need it the most with these powerful features:

Long battery life of up to three years
Heavy duty, IPX5 waterproof (and UV Resistant) housing for long outdoor life
Wireless communication to abode for easy installation
Bright, LED Strobe Light to alert responders to an alarm
Customizable sounds and chimes to meet your needs
Regular supervision checks to ensure proper operation

The outdoor siren installs prominently to alert neighbors and authorities of any detected intrusion to quickly stop the bad guys in their tracks.

Always vigilant.

When your abode alarm activates, the outdoor siren will sound. Additionally, police, neighbors, and other responders will quickly notice the visual strobe light to call attention to your home during an alarm.

  • Loud Siren

    The 107 decibel siren is loud and can be heard during crucial moments

  • Distinct Sounds based on event

    Different sound patterns for intrusion and smoke/fire alarms are designed to command attention based on the event

Technical Specs

Size and Weight

8.41 in (180 mm) H; 7.08 in (213.6 mm) W
8.41 inches
7.08 inches
2.27 inches

Siren Specifications

Alarm Siren, Door Chime, Fire/Smoke, Low Battery Manage on abode web application
Alarm Siren, Door Chime, Fire/Smoke, Low Battery
Communication Protocol:
Type A, US.
Communication Protocol:
abodeRF (433Mhz)
3V, D Alkaline batteries x 2 (2 included)
Battery Life:
3-Years in normal operating environments (temperature, distance from gateway, and number of siren activations can impact battery life)
Randomized supervision signals to ensure proper function.


Operating Humidity:
Up to 85% non-condensing
Operating Humidity:
Up to 85% non-condensing
Operating Temperature:
-13°F to 140°F.
1-Year Limited Warranty
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