Using Your Abode System For Thanksgiving Celebrations

Abode November 24, 2021

Thanksgiving is a holiday that brings Americans together regardless of religion or creed. It’s an opportunity to reconnect with loved ones and friends and bond over sumptuous food and family-friendly activities, which is why American households prepare for this celebration with utmost attention to detail, from the decorations and activities down to the music and food.

One unlikely device that can play a crucial role in your Thanksgiving celebration is your Abode smart home security system. Abode, along with third-party devices, have some nifty tricks up their sleeve to make Thanksgiving extra joyous and fun for the whole family.

Check your smart cameras for visitors

If you’re hosting a Thanksgiving dinner for family and friends, it pays to be ready with everything before they arrive. The dinner table must be already set, the food already cooked and prepared, and the activities already planned. All you need to do is to welcome them when they arrive. Be at the door even before they knock by setting your Abode Cam 2 to send you a notification when they detect your guests on your lawn. In that way, you can check who’s arriving so you can open the door for them as they step on your porch.

Greet them with a gobble

Ensuring a fun and homey Thanksgiving vibe for your guests is best achieved through funny jokes and banter. While preparing for a fun celebration, it’s also important to ensure everyone’s safety; for additional guidance, explore these holiday safety tips. Start by welcoming your guests with turkey sounds as they enter your door. All you need for this is your Adobe door/window sensors and your smart speakers. Once paired to your Abode system, you can already set up automations that allow your smart speakers to play a turkey gobble every time your door sensor is triggered by the opening of your front door.

Set a celebratory mood with smart bulbs and speakers

Setting a celebratory mood for Thanksgiving dinner can be achieved through the proper mood lighting and music. Whether you’re holding the dinner in the backyard or in the dining room, you can set a warm and relaxing atmosphere for your guests by choosing warm white bulbs for your lighting and playing chill tunes that your guests can listen to while they chat over platefuls of turkey and mashed potatoes.

Surprisingly, your Abode system can help in setting this mood. All you need to do is to purchase smart bulbs from Philips HUE or LIFX as well as smart speakers from Bose or Sonos. Just pair these devices to your Abode system and you can already run automations using them such as automatically turning on and changing the color of your mood lights at sundown, or automatically playing a Thanksgiving playlist when dinner is served.

Monitor your home while you travel

If you’re traveling to visit family and friends this Thanksgiving holiday, secure your home by installing an Abode Smart Security Kit. This kit comes with the basic security devices you need to protect and monitor your home while away, such as a gateway, motion detector, a door/window sensor, and a key fob. The gateway has a built-in siren that rings when any of the sensors are triggered while you’re away. You can also connect additional Abode or third-party devices to the gateway such as additional sensors or smart door locks for extra protection. Meanwhile, the key fob allows you to put your Abode system on Away mode with just a touch of a button.

The kit, highly rated in Abode security reviews, works perfectly with the Abode app, which you can use to monitor your home. Once installed on your phone, the app provides you with real-time notifications and status updates of your devices. If your door has been opened or if there is motion inside your home, it will trigger either the door/window sensor or the motion sensor. Once this happens, you’ll receive a notification on your phone to alert you to the event, allowing you to call the authorities to investigate and check on your property.

Get professional monitoring 

Thanksgiving is a chance to reconnect with your family and loved ones as well as spend some much needed rest and recreation. You can’t do that if you’re constantly worried about your property while on Thanksgiving holiday. Next thing you know, you’re always checking your Abode app to see your security camera footage or check if any of your sensors have been triggered during the night.

Focus on what really matters during your Thanksgiving holiday by subscribing to Abode’s professional monitoring service. For just 66 cents a day, you can already get 24/7 professional monitoring for your Abode system. You can even get short-term plans such as three-day or seven-day professional monitoring depending on how long your vacation is. Once subscribed, your property is monitored by trustworthy eyes who will call the authorities in the event of a break-in or fire. You can even get a discount from your home insurance provider if you show them your certificate of monitoring.

Thanksgiving celebrations need not be drab and uneventful. Aside from securing your property during the Thanksgiving holiday, let your Abode smart home security system make your celebrations fun and exciting too.