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Smart Security Kit Gateway Is Now HomeKit Certified

Abode February 10, 2020

Hello abode community!

Back in November, we proudly announced Apple HomeKit support for our all-in-one security solution iota. Today, we’re pleased to announce that we’ve added the same level of HomeKit compatibility to our Smart Security Kit (Gen 2) gateway!

Today, users of either iota or our Smart Security Kit can integrate their system into the Home app for a single-app smart home & security experience. Once enrolled, users can use this functionality to arm or disarm their abode security system, receive notification of motion events triggered by abode motion sensors as well as open/close events caused by abode door/window sensors.

All abode-branded door/window sensors, occupancy sensors, and motion sensors* can be added into the Home app when connected to their compatible abode gateway. We continue to work with Apple every day to certify our full portfolio of abode sensors and first-generation gateway. Our recently launched abode Outdoor/Indoor Smart Camera has also been submitted for HomeKit certification.

An abode firmware update pushed live today gives customers with a compatible gateway the ability to enroll their system into the Home app on their compatible Apple devices. To get started, follow the instructions below:

  1. Ensure your phone has the latest version of the abode app
  2. Get the latest firmware update when prompted within the app
  3. generate a HomeKit code from the settings section once app & firmware are up to date

To learn more, be sure to visit Our HomeKit page or check out our HomeKit FAQs doc.

Thank you for your continued interest in abode and for being a valued abode customer. We have several other exciting announcements in the works for 2020 that we cannot wait to share with you.

If you are a Gen 1 gateway user, your gateway remains in the certification process with Apple and we will make this available as soon as certification is complete

The abode team

* purchased after December 2018