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Security Systems for Business: 5 Key Reasons abode is the Perfect Alarm System for Small Businesses

Abode September 03, 2019

All security systems need the same basic things: alarms, sirens, cameras, and monitoring. A few motion sensors certainly help, too. But small businesses have a particular set of needs that abode suits perfectly, making it a better choice than some of the security options that bigger companies might choose. Here are five reasons why abode is one of the best security systems for businesses on the smaller end of the scale.

Give Key Fobs to Multiple Employees

Sleek and compact abode key fobs can be given to multiple employees so they can all arm and disarm the system. Each key fob can be assigned to a named user, so business owners and security managers are able to view who controlled the system at any given time.

The system can be armed and disarmed with the push of a button without the need for codes. They also have a button that activates a panic alarm. You can avoid wasting energy by linking the fobs to Cue, abode’s automation system, to turn lights on and off when the system is armed or disarmed.

Add 40 Unique PIN Codes to the abode Keypad

Up to 40 of your employees can get their own unique pin code for the keypad, which means there’s far less chance of security being compromised. The keypad also has an in-built motion sensor that allows it to let you know of the system status every time you walk past. The simple color-coded notifications provide a quick way to tell you if the system is operating how you want it to be.

Get Alerts Any Time, Anywhere

One of the biggest advantages of a smart security system for business premises is the ability to have alerts sent to smartphones. Business owners, managers, and anyone authorized to use the app will be alerted as soon as an alarm is triggered, meaning they can self-monitor the area, remotely. Alerts can be customized so that if somebody is on leave, they can choose to turn off alerts and leave the monitoring to someone else.

Get Camera Footage to Provide to Police

For a small business, security cameras form an essential part of the setup that protects the property. The abode Cam records HD clips when an alarm is triggered, sending you footage that you can either view remotely and dismiss as a false alarm, or pass to the police if necessary. You can also get pre-alarm recordings to see what happened moments before an alarm. Even when no alarm has been triggered, you can use 24/7 HD streaming to keep an eye on your business premises if you need to.

Remote Control and Monitoring

With abode’s smart security system, you can do everything from the app on your phone. You can arm and disarm the system if an employee forgets, and you can check the status of sensors, cameras, and alarms. Along with giving you customizable self-monitored security, abode lets you check that lights and HVAC are only on when they should be, making sure your offices and areas are both comfortable and energy-efficient.

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