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Avert Disaster By Using Your Smart Home Security System

Abode September 29, 2021

Disasters can strike anytime and catch you by surprise. If you’re not prepared for how to respond to these events, you could end up losing your home, or worse, you and your loved ones’ lives. It’s highly important that you are aware of what to do in these situations so that you can respond to it in the appropriate way.

You need to ensure that you are prepared to act when disasters strike. One way you can avert potential loss of property and lives is to use your smart home security system to notify you when an emergency is occurring on your property.

Use smoke alarm monitors to get notified of fires

Residential fires were the most common types of fire incidents in the United States from 2015 to 2019 according to the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA). During that period, 377,399 residential fire incidents were recorded, killing 2,761 individuals, injuring 11,582 individuals, and resulting in property losses worth over $7 billion.

Your property and your loved ones don’t need to be a part of these statistics. One of the best ways to prevent serious damage from a fire in your residence is to install smoke detectors and smoke alarm monitors. The latter is particularly important as it allows you to be notified if a smoke detector has been triggered in your home. A smoke alarm monitor listens to the sound of the smoke detector and alerts you by sending a notification to your smartphone so that you can immediately call the fire department and alert any occupants in your house to evacuate.

Get alerted to flooding using water leak sensors

In the US, floods kill more people each year than tornadoes or hurricanes according to the National Severe Storms Laboratory. It can occur in every state in the US, whether inland or along the coast. Residential towns and cities along these bodies of water are most likely to be affected.

To prevent your property from being inundated and to prevent loss of life among your loved ones, it pays to be notified if there is water accumulation inside your property especially if there is flood water around your home. One device that helps you be notified of this event is a water leak sensor. The moment that water touches the sensor, it sends a notification to your smartphone and sounds an alarm to alert you so that you can identify the entry point for the water, prevent your furniture from being ruined, or evacuate to safer ground if the flooding is worse.

Install sirens and panic buttons

Whatever disaster you might encounter, whether natural and man-made, you should have an alarm system capable of notifying members of your household, particularly those who are asleep, so that they can respond accordingly and get to a safe location. An ideal alarm system is composed of indoor and outdoor sirens as well as panic buttons.

These sirens emit a powerful sound when sensors in your home security system are triggered, ensuring that members of your household are alerted by the sound.

Panic buttons, meanwhile, can be useful by any member of the household who is in danger or requires medical attention. A panic button installed in an accessible place at home can be used to get the attention of other family members, neighbors, or emergency responders so that he or she could receive immediate aid.

Being aware of what to do in times of disasters can spare you from a life-threatening situation. When combined with immediate alerts that something has gone wrong, a well-prepared plan can be the difference between life & death.