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Control Your Security with Your Voice

Arm, disarm, and monitor your security system hands-free. Abode enables you to manage your home’s protection through Alexa with intuitive voice commands.

mic Voice Activation: Arm and check the status of your security system without lifting a finger.
volume_up Immediate Alerts: Receive real-time security alerts directly through your Alexa device.
settings_remote Custom Commands: Set up personalized Alexa routines for enhanced security scenarios.
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Seamless Setup In Minutes

Setting up your Abode security system is straightforward. Follow simple, guided instructions in the Abode app and integrate with Alexa without any hassles.

timer Quick Installation: Get your system up and running in no time.
sync Smart Home Compatibility: Easily connect with other Alexa-enabled devices for a unified home experience.
help_outline Step-by-Step Guidance: Use the Abode app for easy-to-follow setup instructions.
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Advanced Protection That Listens

Abode’s security systems are engineered for proactive protection. Utilize Alexa to enhance your home’s safety effectively.

lock_outline Enhanced Encryption: Robust security protocols to safeguard your voice commands and data.
verified_user Proactive Monitoring: Stay ahead of potential threats with automated monitoring and alerts.
report_problem Emergency Response: Quick access to emergency services through Alexa's immediate response capabilities.

A Smarter Way to Secure Your Home

Integrate your security system with a broad range of smart home devices. Abode’s compatibility with Alexa ensures that your home security is as intelligent as it is secure.

lightbulb_outline Smart Lighting Control: Enhance security with automated lighting routines.
network_wifi Wireless Accessories: Expand your system with wireless sensors and cameras.
speaker Audio Integration: Use smart speakers for alarms and notifications.

Enhanced Video Capabilities

Abode’s security cameras directly integrate with Alexa which allows for robust video security.

play_circle View Live Video: From Abode cameras on Alexa devices with screens like the Echo Show
notifications_active Receive Proactive Alerts: Alexa will notify you when a camera detects a person
adaptive_audio_mic Communicate In Realtime: Use two-way communication on your security camera through Alexa

3 Steps to Perfect Protection

Build Your Perfect System

Purchase With Confidence

calendar_month 30 Day Returns if You Don't Love it
shield 1-Year Standard Warranty on Devices
support_agent Helpful Support Team Available 24/7

Our Alexa-Compatible Security Systems and Cameras

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Abode Security Kit

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Security Systems
Smart Security Kit

For smart, whole-home security setups

Cameras & Doorbells
Abode Cam 2

Compact WiFi indoor/outdoor camera

Cameras & Doorbells
Wireless Video Doorbell

Battery powered for easy installation