Our Beginnings

Abode was founded in 2014 by former ADT exec Christopher Carney along with a few entrepreneurs with expertise in energy, security, and tech.

Our HQ is based in San Francisco with a supporting cast located throughout the US. In 2018, we received a majority stake investment from Italian tech company Nice S.p.A., an international leader in the home automation, home security, and smart home sector. Nice provides integrated automation solutions for gates, garage doors, solar shading systems, parking systems, wireless alarm systems and security for residential, commercial, and industrial buildings. Since then, we have worked closely with the Nice team to strengthen our position within the US and expand into global markets.


Our Journey

Since our inception, Abode has pushed the envelope with hardware reinventing what consumers should expect out of their security devices like the Keypad 2 and Wireless Video Doorbell. On the software side, our home automation platform, integrations, and advanced video capabilities remain on the cutting edge. Our customers can rest assured that Abode will never tire of innovating.

An investment in Abode products today will ensure a lifetime of peace of mind via continuous updates to products and technology that meet and exceed industry standards and expectations.


The Vision

We believe in the power of technology to keep us safe – but we also believe in simplicity. The products we build are meant to live and grow with us, to protect us but also give us comfort.

We believe in changing the paradigm around home security and creating a new kind of security system. A system that lets you choose how you want it to look, what devices you want to add to it, and how you want it to fit into your day-to-day life.

We believe in our community, in each and every user who has an Abode system in their homes. We are grateful for that trust, and we will continue to build products that keep you safe, connected, and fulfilled.

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