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Temperature &
Humidity Sensor

Monitors temperature, humidity, and detected light levels to keep you aware of what is happening at home.

Small, compact, and easy to install.

The Temperature & Humidity Sensor is designed with these features:

Quickly check the temperature, humidity, or light levels using the abode app
Turn on/off devices or trigger automations with this sensor and abode CUE
Quick easy installation - simply place it anywhere in your home or use adhesive to mount it
Quick pairing to the abode
Long (2 year) battery life with replaceable batteries

Our Temperature & Humidity Sensor is an environmental sensor you can install around your home to quickly determine how warm or cold your home is along with humidity levels.

Put it anywhere.

The multi-purpose Temperature & Humidity Sensor monitors these home environmental attributes quickly and easily. It is a perfect compliment to your abode system so you can have peace of mind to make sure your home is protected from freezing pipes, overheating, or humidity that can cause unwanted damage.

  • Setup alerts and notifications using abode CUE in the event that a reading is outside of your desired range

  • Quickly check the status of any room's installed sensor using the abode app

  • Setup automations and use this sensor for triggers and conditions to design the perfect smart home

Technical Specs


2.9 in (73.9 mm) H; 1.8 in (45.8 mm) W; 0.9 in (22.0 mm) D
2.9 inches
1.8 inches
0.9 inches


Battery Type:
CR123A 3V lithium battery x 1.
Battery Type:
CR123A 3V lithium battery x 1.
Battery Life:
2 years*.
Communications Protocol:
ZigBee Pro HA 1.2.
2.4GHz band.
Receiver Sensitivity:
-101 dBm.
Operating Temperature:
-10°C to 50°C (14°F to 122°F).
Operating Humidity:
Up to 85% non-condensing.

*Note: Actual battery life may vary due to device settings, operating environment and usage activity.

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