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No two homes are the same and your needs change over time. Simply choose the plan that you need today, and have the flexibility to change it tomorrow.
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Professional monitoring
and cellular backup for
your home.
Per Month
Keeps your abode system
online by cellular backup
Per Month
Included with every
starter kit
Per Month
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Features and Services
Secure Plan
(Most Popular Plan)
Connect Plan
(Cell Backup)
Basic Plan
(Include in all Security Kits)
Timeline and media storage
90 Days
14 Days
3 Days

Unlimited self-monitoring for your home App Access:  

Optional On-Demand Professional
Monitoring (3 Days: $8 / 7 Days: $15)

Connect up to 160 devices
Unlimited user accounts
Create up to 100 Automations
   Channel Access
Customer support via e-mail and support site
4G Cellular Backup Connection keeps you online even if your home broadband connection is down
Phone and e-mail support
24 x 7 professional monitoring with our UL-Listed monitoring center.
Premium customer phone support

Frequently asked questions

No, the cellular connection is meant for backup only.
All of our starter kits ship with SIM cards already installed regardless of the plan you select. Once you activate a Connect or Basic plan, the SIM card will connect to a cellular network as needed. If it needs to be replaced, contact our Support team and we will issue a new one to you.
Cellular backup works by connecting the SIM card in your gateway to a cellular network to ensure that you never lose connection. It will never override your home internet as the primary connection and is only activated when your gateway loses connection to your home internet.
If you select the Connect or Secure plan, your gateway will automatically choose between AT&T or T-mobile. The gateway will determine which network has the strongest signal and switch to that.
Changing plans is extremely easy. Simply navigate to settings on your abode mobile or web app, select “change monthly plan”, then “I want to select a Plan”, and choose your new plan and billing cycle. You will be charged for your new plan at the beginning of the following month.
You have two options for billing with the Secure and Connect plans: you may either be billed monthly or once annually. If you are confident you will use your paid plan, we highly recommend selecting annual billing as the savings are significant.
Changing payment methods is also easy. Navigate to settings on your abode mobile or web app, select “update credit card”, then enter payment details.
We do not offer prorated refunds for annual plans, you will have the plan you selected for the full 12 months you paid for.
You can change your monthly plan to basic if you wish to temporarily turn off your monthly-billed plan. When you are ready to start back up, simply log in and update your plan.

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